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Is your printer’s stock low? Buy copy paper at Unistat in Cyprus today!


We have a great range of high-quality copier paper and printer paper available with quick delivery. 


Our white paper sheet range has a wide range of sizes suitable for different copy machines and printers for both at the office and at home. 


Save money and get the job done with our range of products, we offer a brilliant range of cheap copy paper that does not compromise on great quality with many size options such as A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1!


Refill your paper and get printing with Unistat in Cyprus today. 


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    Inacopia Colour Extreme A4/160gsm Pack of 250

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: PAP-INA4/160
  • EVERCOPY PLUS 95 CIE Copier Paper A4/80gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: CLA-50048C
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    Inacopia Copier Paper A4/80gsm Pack of 500

    Original price was: €4,95.Current price is: €4,21.
    exc VAT 19%
    Code: PAP-INA4/80
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    Inacopia Copy Paper A4/75gsm Pack of 500

    Original price was: €4,75.Current price is: €4,04.
    exc VAT 19%
    Code: PAP-INA4/75
  • -15%

    Inacopia Copier Paper A3/80gsm Pack of 500

    Original price was: €9,90.Current price is: €8,42.
    exc VAT 19%
    Code: PAP-INA3/80
  • Multi Office Copier Paper A3/80gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
  • Navigator Copier Paper A4 80gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1670
  • Navigator Copier Paper A3 80gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1675
  • Navigator Copier Paper A4 90gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1680
  • Navigator Copier Paper A3 90gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1685
  • Navigator Copier Paper A4 100gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1690
  • Navigator Copier Paper A3 100gsm Pack of 500

    exc VAT 19%
    Code: NAV-1695

Did you know that paper is an effective tool to achieve a greater performance?


  • Paper increases focus and contributes to cognitive development.
  • Paper boosts reading comprehension and abstract thinking.
  • Paper enhances memory retention and productive learning.

 About Inacopia Office

The Inacopia office range has been designed to suit the needs of consumers who require an office paper that ensures consistent results on every printer.


It is the ideal paper for your everyday office applications, especially in high volume printing and copy jobs.


It was designed to give you excellent results in all your documents, with a high whiteness level to maximize text reproduction quality. Inacopia Office enhances your print performance. Inacopia it is the 1st european office paper produced from the Eucalyptus globulus pulp and gives you the best results since 1982. 


Why choosing Inacopia is always a good idea

We care about your customers

Inacopia premium quality paper translates into satisfied, loyal customers, and repeated purchases.


We always deliver quality

Inacopia paper quality is unique and consistent. We always use the same raw materials and the same modern technology, an unbeatable combination to guarantee an unmatched performance.


Imprint Quality

Inacopia Office 80 g/m2 is the result of an impressive production effort and extensive R&D in raw materials production to obtain a high level of quality paper.


We have environmental credentials

FSC and US Ecolabel. We use 100% recyclable pure fibre from renewable resources. Our paper is made with around 70% renewable energy. More than 72% of paper in Europe is recovered.


Imprint More Pages In Less Time

The superior performance of Inacopia Office 80g/m guarantees more pages per hour, making the paper ideal for high volume printing.


We help you achieve higher margins

A quality product that customers are willing to pay for.