3M Corded Ear Plugs with Storage Box 1271 (87-98 dB)

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3M™ Corded Ear Plugs with storage box 1271 are our pre-moulded ear plugs featuring a tri-flange design. Supplied with a belt clip storage case and available with a cord to prevent loss, they reduce noise levels by up to 25 dB.

For hearing protection with long lasting comfort and easy insertion, use 3M™ Corded Ear Plugs with storage box 1271. Fully reusable. Our pre-moulded earplugs feature a tri-flange design that requires no roll down and helps keep the earplug in place, ensuring safe and secure protection from intermittent or continuous noise in the range of 87-98 dB. Supplied with a belt clip storage case that helps keep plugs convenient, clean and protected in between use, they’re corded to keep them handy at all times and prevent loss. A special finger grip is designed for easier insertion. Reusable and washable, they’re moisture resistant, making them ideal for wear in hot and humid conditions.

  • No roll down required with patented tri-flange design for an optimum fit and comfort
  • Available with a cord to prevent loss
  • Moisture resistant – ideal for wear in hot and humid conditions
  • Convenient and hygienic storage case featuring belt clip
  • Reusable and washable
  • Easy to use, finger grip design improves ease of insertion
  • Reduces the noise level by up to 25 dB
  • Protection level: reduces noise exposure level by 25dB and can be used in noise level range of 87-98 dB covering a wide range of applications.
  • Pack contents: 1 pair of corded ear plugs with storage box
  • Users must have read all user instructions before use. Misuse may cause injury and/or permanent hearing loss.
  • Compatible with 3M Hearing Protection and Respirators

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