Bic EZ Reach The Ultimate Lighter

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Whether you’re lighting candles for a special occasion, baking at home, or getting ready to warm up by the fireplace, the BIC EZ ReachTM is there for you. The 3.5cm arm makes it easy to light hard-to-reach spots and keeps fingers away from the flame. The BIC EZ ReachTM is the essential practical tool for safely lighting a flame indoors and outdoors. Our lighters are high-performance and long-lasting, and feature a one-click ignition system that produces a steady flame every time you use them. BIC EZ ReachTM is available in 8 colors: dark blue, turquoise blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Although no lighter can be 100% child-safe, be sure that it is child-resistant.

  • The ultimate lighter for all occasions. Ideal for lighting candles, barbecues, grills, gas grills and many other uses
  • With 3.5cm arm. which makes it easier to light hard-to-reach places and helps keep fingers away from the flame
  • Practical multi-purpose lighter that provides up to 900 lights with constant flame height. Just press, turn on, repeat!
  • BIC lighters are made of Delrin, an extremely durable material for maximum safety in extreme conditions

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