BIC J39 Mini Electronic Lighters

BIC J39 Mini Electronic Lighters

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  • Stable flame due to pure isobutane
  • High force ignition system BIC® electronic lighters are Child resistant(1) and comply with EN 13869 Standard
  • Safety hood a nickel-plated steel hood that protects the flame from the wind
  • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in hand
  • High resistance made of high mechanical resistance resin (Delrin®)
  • Comfortable lighting thanks to one step ignition mechanism
  • Convenient size
  • Electronic ignition system
  • A sleek and stylish pocket lighter.
(1) A Child-resistant lighter is not a child proof lighter. A Child-resistant lighter is a lighter that at least 85% of children under 51 months of age cannot operate. This means that up to 15% of children may still be able to operate such a lighter. Therefore, adults should always ensure that young children cannot get hold of lighters, even if they are Child-resistant. For more information, visit the European Commission website:

Key Features

Brand BIC
Colour Assorted
Size Mini
Packing 20 pcs


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