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The ultimate Heavy Duty business desktop calculator. With metal face plate and fuly equiped with all practical business functions. Ergonomicaly shaped keys designed for natural finger movement for pleasant typing even when used for a long time. With solar & battery power supply.

Heavy Duty Calculators combine outstanding durability and practical use. With functions suitable for everyday use at home or in business. Available in the right sizes for shops, market stalls or in the field. The key lay-out and colour combination are specially designed to achieve a clear overview at a glance, for easy input.

Check your input and correct it if necessary, 120 steps back, with the Check&Correct function.

Automatically review your input with the AUTO Replay function COST-SELL-MAR: Calculate: Costprice, Margin or Selling Price based on Gross Profit formula.

Example: Costprice = 100 / Margin = 20% => Salesprice = 125,=

All models are equiped with an auto-off mode, to save energy.

✓ Large and angled easy readable LCD
✓ Check&Correct Function => 120 Steps back Auto Replay/Review
✓ Metal face plate
✓ Business functions: COST/SELL-MAR TAX -GT-00-000
✓ Acrylic-glass diplay cover
✓ 3-key memory
✓ Function Command Signs: current operation sign and step number is displayed
✓ Rubber feet
✓ Decimal and rounding selector

Digits 12
Independent memory
Tax calculation
Check & Correct function
Grand total (GT)
Sign change (+/-)
Square root function (√)
Zero keys 0 – 00 – 000
Rounding selector UP – 5/4 – DOWN
Decimal selector A – 0 -2 -3 -4 – F
Dimensions (mm) 187x142x36

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