Panasonic Everyday AAA / LR03 Alkaline Batteries Blister of 6+4 Free

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Panasonic Everyday Power AAA batteries are perfect for your appliances requiring the same amount of power, each day again. Appliances in this category are smoke detector, scale, radio, radio control etc.

Longer lasting: up to 50%
In comparison with the Panasonic Alkaline battery, the new EVERYDAY Power AAA batteries have long lasting energy. This makes the batteries perfectly suitable for commonly used middle to low drain devices, each day again. They have become a favourite battery all over the world, for baby monitors, scales, clocks, remote controls, etc.

The best technology of alkaline batteries
Triple tough coating for a smooth energy flow
Contact resistance on the battery poles is a problem because the nickel layer can partially peel off and the battery can fail. To come towards this issue, there is the Triple Tough Coating which solves the problem with an iron/nickel-plated which alloys on the positive and negative terminals of the EVERYDAY POWER AAA batteries. A longer life and an enhanced energy flow is the result.

Safely storing for up to 10 years
Do you want your batteries to retain high power performance for your appliances even after long periods in storage? You can rely on Panasonic EVERYDAY Power AAA batteries. These are made with high-quality materials that work to prevent degradation. The Anti-Leak Protection minimizes the chance of leakage to provide long-life stability before using the batteries.

Anti-leak protection with unique gas-suppression technology
One of the features of the Panasonic’s EVERYDAY POWER AAA cells is the advanced Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses gas build-up when the batteries are over-discharged or stored for a long time. This results in less pressure which means less chance of structural rupture and failure. It also protects all valuable applications from damage.

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Shelf Life

10 years