Sax A4 to A5 Folding Clipboard – Portrait & Landscape

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Do you want to keep your notes and documents close at hand without taking up much space? Then the SAX foldable clipboard is the perfect solution for you! This versatile clipboard is designed to streamline your way of working while being stylish and compact. With the intelligent folding technology, you can easily switch the clipboard from A4 to A5 or vice versa. This allows you to conveniently organize different types of documents, be it in the office, school or on the go. The SAX clipboard features an elastic pen loop that provides a secure hold for your writing utensils and keeps them close at hand. Whether notes, reports or sketches – the SAX clipboard offers enough space for up to 30 sheets of paper. Keep important documents organized and protected without sacrificing elegance. Thanks to the elastic closure bandage, your documents stay securely in place. No more worrying about loose sheets or unwanted slipping of your documents. The SAX foldable clipboard is the ideal companion for anyone who values order and efficiency without sacrificing stylish design. Its compact format fits perfectly in pockets, briefcases or backpacks, giving you the freedom to stay organized anywhere, anytime.



Adaptable Format
This clipboard is a master of flexibility and adapts to your needs by switching from A4 to A5 effortlessly. Ideal for various paper sizes and applications from business presentations to academic lectures.

Durable construction for everyday use
Made of high quality shockproof materials, it can withstand the daily challenges of professional and student life. Its durability makes it a reliable partner for those on the go.

Optimized for mobility and style
Its sleek, compact design makes it the ideal companion for travel or business use. Easily stored in any pocket or briefcase, it provides a stylish solution to stay organized.

Security and accessibility combined
With an elastic closure strap and a handy pen loop, this clipboard keeps your documents secure and your pen close at hand. No more slipping or losing important papers.

Large capacity meets elegant design
Despite its compact size, the clipboard can hold up to 30 sheets. It combines functionality with aesthetic design and is perfect for professional use as well as personal notes.

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