Panasonic Evolta AAA / LR03 Alkaline Batteries Blister of 4+2 FREE

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Panasonic Alkaline EVOLTA AAA batteries are a combination of “voltage” (power) and “evolution”. These premium batteries have exceptional power for high drain products to make sure you can enjoy your toys,drones and other appliances to the fullest.

Panasonic: Ultimate long lasting energy
Higher inner volume for more capacity
The improved structural design of the EVOLTA AAA batteries reduces the bulk of the gasket and can, thus providing greater internal volume for active chemical ingredients. This results in longer life and improved discharge performance.

Ultra-high-density filling
Did you know that, if the density of the filling materials inside a battery is inconsistent, performance can suffer? In the EVOLTA AAA batteries, new materials have been developed, ensuring homogenized, uniform filling density for superior performance.

EVOLTA Extra Power Formula
For power-hungry devices, extra voltage is always welcome. To generate this, exclusive high-reactivity ingredients, such as titanium and high-purity manganese dioxide, are combined in EVOLTA AAA batteries. This is called Extra Power Formula. You can rely on it to deliver maximum current for far longer than comparable batteries. For flash cameras, game controllers, drones, remote controls etc., the EVOLTA AAA batteries are very suitable thanks to this Extra Power Formula.

Preeminent alkaline battery technology
Smooth energy flow guaranteed
On the terminals of conventional batteries, it can happen that contact resistance builds up, which can cause the nickel layer to partially peel off. This also means that the battery can fail. An iron/nickel-plated alloy on the positive and negative terminals of the EVOLTA AAA batteries solves this problem. The effect of this Triple Tough Coating is improved energy flow and longer life.

Store batteries safely for up to 10 years
High-quality materials work to prevent degradation while Anti-Leak Protection minimizes the chance of leakage to ensure long-life stability before use. That means you can depend on Panasonic Evolta AAA batteries to retain high power performance even after very long periods in storage.

Anti-leak protection thanks to unique technology
The advanced Anti-Leak-Protection that’s featured in the Panasonic EVOLTA AAA cells suppresses gas buildup when a battery is over-discharged or stored for a long period. A lower pressure signifies less chance of structural failure and rupture. Your valuable devices will also be protected from damage.

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10 years