Post-it Index Strong Filing Tabs, Large, 4 Assorted Colours, 4 Pads of 6 sheets

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Post-it® Tabs help create order by easily dividing planners, calendars and folders into separate sections. Solid colour bars give you the flexibility to organise by colour. Tabs are durable, easy to write on and simple to remove and reposition.

Easily divide your notebook, planner or calendar into separate sections and organize your folders with the extra thick Post-it® Tabs. Their eye-catching solid colour is easy to see, with space to write notes or headings. Designed for strength and durability, you can easily remove and reposition these sticky tabs as needed. They’re also great for dividing file binders and file folders, sticking securely and removing cleanly.

  • Post-it® sticky tabs help create order by allowing you to easily organise notebook pages into sections
  • Organise your files and folders in a clear and lasting way
  • Strong, eye-catching and easy to see, with space to write notes or headings
  • Repositionable: Sticks securely, removes cleanly

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51 x 38 mm


4 x 6 tabs




3M Post-it sticky notes are an essential organizational tool, beloved for their versatility and convenience. These iconic notes come in various sizes and vibrant colors, making them ideal for jotting down quick reminders, to-do lists, or important messages. Their unique adhesive allows for secure attachment to surfaces without leaving sticky residue, ensuring they won't damage documents or surfaces. In both professional and personal settings, 3M Post-it sticky notes streamline productivity, enhance collaboration, and foster creative brainstorming. These reliable and accessible notes have stood the test of time, making them a must-have for anyone seeking efficient organization and communication in their daily tasks and projects.