Post-it Metallic Flags 11,9mmx43,2 mm

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Find it fast with Post-it® Flags. They make it simple to mark, flag or highlight important information. They stick securely, remove cleanly and come in a wide variety of colors. Draw attention to critical items or use them to index, file or color-code your work, either at home, work or in the classroom. Post-it® Printed Flags Metallic collection make organization stylish and fun; 11,9 mm x 43,2 mm, 100 Flags per On the Go Dispenser

  • 11,9 mm x 43,2 mm, Assorted Metallic Designs
  • Find it fast
  • Flags make it simple to mark and highlight important information
  • Ideal for marking documents without writing on them
  • 100 Flags/Pack
  • Make organization stylish and fun
  • Unleash your creativity to reimagine your planner, journal or binder with a new design
  • Decorate with chic metallic patterns. Available in polka dots, stripes and solid
  • Sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • Dispenser keeps flags organized and easy to find

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Assorted Metallic


11,9 x 43.2 mm


5 x 20 flags




3M Post-it sticky notes are an essential organizational tool, beloved for their versatility and convenience. These iconic notes come in various sizes and vibrant colors, making them ideal for jotting down quick reminders, to-do lists, or important messages. Their unique adhesive allows for secure attachment to surfaces without leaving sticky residue, ensuring they won't damage documents or surfaces. In both professional and personal settings, 3M Post-it sticky notes streamline productivity, enhance collaboration, and foster creative brainstorming. These reliable and accessible notes have stood the test of time, making them a must-have for anyone seeking efficient organization and communication in their daily tasks and projects.